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iOS Activation Lock has cut iPhone thefts dramatically

Results from a new FCC report shows that Activation Lock has been an effective theft deterrent

A report had detailed the rates of Smartphone theft in the US and London, particularly in regards to the differences between iPhones and other Smartphones.

The report states that:

“The Secure Our Smartphones Initiative issued a report which provides crime data for major

cities in the US and London. Preliminary statistics following Apple’s implementing Activation

Lock as part of Find My iPhone appears to validate the solution as an effective tool to deter

smartphone crime.”

It goes on to say that since Apple introduced Activation Lock in iOS 7, iPhone thefts had declined by 38% in the first 6 months (24% in London). If they can’t unlock it, they can’t sell it. Thieves are starting to look elsewhere it seems. iPhone theft is going down, while Smartphone theft overall is increasing over the years.

It also reveals some other facts about security:

  • 22 percent of smartphone users installed software that can locate their phone
  • 34 percent of smartphone users don’t take any security measures
  • 36 percent of users set a screen lock with a 4-digit pin
  • 46 percent of robberies in New York in 2013 involved a smartphone
  • 59 percent of robberies in San Francisco in 2013 involved a smartphone

It’s nice to know that an iPhone is becoming less likely to get stolen. That said, it’s probably best not to leave one lying around in public places.

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