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Apple look to boost waning iPad sales with new ad campaign

In light of a recent dip in form for iPad sales, Apple has launched a new micro-site and ad campaign in an attempt to rejuvenate the tablet’s popularity.

Entitled ‘Everything changes with iPad‘, the campaign looks to be expressing the fact that iPad is so much more than just an entertainment device. The video shows kids and adults alike using the device to help change the way they do other tasks, exemplifying the versatility of the tablet and the diverse range of apps available. Check it out below:

The micro-site includes pages explaining different types of tasks that can be made easier with an iPad. Many of these are squarely targeted at groups who may not be sold on the idea of a tablet computer yet: there are sections for Cooking, Learning, Small Business, Traveling and Redecorating, as well as a more general page simply called ‘Why iPad?’

Even amid record quarterly sales figures for Apple, iPad sales dropped 23% compared to the same period last year. Will this new ad campaign do enough to reverse the trend and make the iPad popular again?

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