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iPad Air 3 – free repairs for blank screen issue

Apple has announced it will repair or replace defective iPads for free – if they fall within a particular group, that is.

It has been found that a batch of 3rd-generation iPad Airs manufactured between March and October 2019 exhibits a defect that can cause the display to go permanently blank. If you have an iPad that fits this description, you’re eligible for a free service.

If you’re not sure exactly which iPad you have, check the model number on the back of the device. If it shows A215, A2123, A2153, or A2154, that means it’s a third-generation iPad Air and thus eligible for this repair promotion. Assuming it’s actually broken, of course.

Note that no other models are eligible, even with similar problems, and a fix won’t extend your standard warranty. If there are other issues with the device, you’ll have to pay the normal repair charge for those.

To receive the fix, you’ll need to either book an appointment with an Apple Store or find another authorized service provider. There are plenty of providers trained by Apple these days, all of which will provide a faulty iPad Air 3 free of charge. And if it’s easier, you can even contact Apple Support to organize a mail-in repair.

This may sound like a generous offer from Apple, but really it’s the least it can do. It’s good that Apple is addressing this issue rather than sweeping it under the rug, but it does make you wonder why longer-running issues like the “white spot” defect on certain 10.5-inch iPad Pros can’t be dealt with in a similar fashion.