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iPhone 11 Concept – the perfect iPhone lineup visualized

We’ve seen a few rumors about this year’s iPhone lineup – tentatively called the iPhone 11 – the most convincing of which suggests Apple will adopt a three-camera system on at least one device this year.

But nobody yet knows quite what the iPhone 11 series will look like. The prevailing wisdom is that the physical designs will stay pretty close to last year’s XS/XS Max/XR setup, sticking with those same display sizes until at least 2020. But with Apple recently giving the iPad Pro a facelift, could iPhone be about to follow suit?

Concept for the sequel to the iPhone XR

Concept artist Gunho Lee certainly hopes so, having produced a beautifully rendered concept video showing off his ideas for the iPhone 11. It takes cues from the iPad Pro’s square edges, which in turn are a throwback to the classic chamfered bezels of iPhones 4, 4S, 5, 5S and SE. These squared off sides combined with the full-screen design and notch of recent iPhones make for a stunning look, and though we doubt Apple will really make such a change this year it’s an interesting look at what might come in the future.

A smart clip-on battery solution

Other features on Lee’s concept wishlist include the addition of USB-C to the iPhone, the re-inclusion of Touch ID as a feature that works through the glass display, and what looks like the removal of the camera bump despite the addition of an extra camera.

Check out the full concept video to see these ideas in action.

It also visualized some impressive-looking charging features, including the ability to wirelessly charge another iPhone by sticking them back to back, and an “AirPower” battery pack that magnetically clips to the back of the device to provide extra power. Anything close to these features could blow people away when the real iPhone 11 launches this September, but we’ll have to wait until then to know for sure what’s in store.