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iPhone 12 camera – Apple shares ‘Everyday Experiments’

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Apple has shared a fresh video in its ongoing Experiments series, providing new iPhone 12 owners with more photographic inspiration.

Titled ‘Shot on iPhone 12 — Everyday Experiments. Get creative at home’, the new Apple-commissioned YouTube video runs through a series of homespun art projects that put the smartphone’s enhanced camera features to good use.

The opening Balloons + Slo-mo segment encourages iPhone 12 owners to fill balloons with water and bounce them on colored paper – all whilst filming using the iPhone 12’s 120 and 240fps slo-mo video modes. It also demonstrates how to quickly edit the results directly on the iPhone 12 to maximise the gloopy effect.

Sticking with that slo-mo feature, the following Oil + Water Macro segment utilises baby oil and water to create stunning abstract snippets that look “like a ’90s music video”. Which, we are assured, is a good thing.

Talking of the ’90s, the video then moves on to Glow-sticks + Night mode, with hosts Donghoon Jun and James Thornton employing a series of colorful lights to hack the iPhone 12’s stunning Night mode Time Lapse feature.

Previous entries in the Experiments series from the duo, who go by the name Incite, have featured the kind of stunning professional productions you’d scarcely believe could have been captured on an iPhone.

‘Dark Universe’ is the only other entry that has utilised the iPhone 12 (or the iPhone 12 Pro, to be precise) up to this point, and it looks like something that’s been captured using professional-grade graphic design equipment rather than a $999 smartphone.

After watching Everyday Experiments, however, you might just be inspired to get in on the act yourself. Just make sure you have plenty of colored paper to hand.