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iPhone 12 leaks – bigger battery, smaller notch, and more

Apple’s yearly iPhone reveal is four months away, which means we’re entering rumor season. Though the company likes to keep things secret until the big September keynote event, by this time of year most of the designs are more or less finalized as Apple tries to ensure it can produce enough units for launch. All that planning ahead leaves plenty of room for details to be leaked.

Now, thanks to the EverythingApplePro YouTube channel and its lead source Max Weinbach, we have a whole bunch of those leaks out in the open.

These fantastic visualizations are by @CConceptCreator

These guys claim to have spoken with Apple engineers, among other sources, who independently confirmed various facts. It all adds up to quite a compelling case. Of course, these leaks are rarely spot on – Apple hasn’t forgotten how to drop a surprise or two – but based on the evidence provided in this video, we’d say the majority of this information is likely to be accurate.

So, here’s a quick breakdown of the most important details revealed by these leaks.

Dynamic displays

It looks as though Apple will include its Pro Motion display technology in the iPhone 12 Pro range. That means an ultra-smooth 120Hz refresh rate on the Pro models and 60Hz for the regular iPhone 12. To conserve battery, iOS will automatically switch between refresh rates based on the current activity.

Bigger battery

Of course, this kind of display upgrade can put a strain on the battery, so Apple is expected to increase the capacity this year. The leaks don’t confirm an exact number, but sources say the battery is likely to be more than 10% larger than the previous generation.

No more megapixels

Though Apple is internally testing a massive 64MP camera sensor, it’s apparently not happy with autofocus results and so will stick with a 12MP sensor for another year. However, that doesn’t mean there won’t be a performance bump for photographers – megapixels aren’t everything.

Camera improvements

A new LiDAR sensor, more powerful processing chip, and software tweaks will combine to improve the image stabilization, Smart HDR, and low-light noise reduction. The Telephoto lens is due a boost too, and will this year be capable of 3x optical zoom and Night mode photos.

Notched up

The front-facing TrueDepth camera is expected to shrink in size, reducing the ‘notch’ at the top of the iPhone. Despite this, it will actually pack in more capabilities than ever – included a wider viewing angle for Face ID scans.

Split logic

Leaked schematics suggest Apple is planning to split the internal logic board in two. It’s likely this is to provide space in the chassis for that larger battery, but it’s also worth noting that logic board failures are a particularly expensive fix. Perhaps a two-part board could lead to cheaper repairs?

Flat edge theory

Say goodbye to the iPhone’s curved edges. Alongside tougher glass, a return to the flat-sided design of old will help with overall durability, according to internal drop tests. There are plenty of users who have been hoping for this change for years.

In the navy

The leak says that Apple will replace last year’s Midnight Green color option with a new Navy Blue finish for the iPhone 12 Pro models.

The iPhone 12 range is likely to end up pretty close to these mockups and specifications, give or take a few details. Impressed so far? Hopefully, these leaks will help you decide whether or not to hang on until September for an upgrade.