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While we’re still several days away from delivery of the iPhone 12 itself, a number of customers are reporting that they’ve started receiving some of Apple’s new MagSafe accessories.

Photos have begun cropping up of MagSafe accessories in the wild, as initial orders for snap-on cases and chargers begin to be fulfilled ahead of the iPhone 12’s October 23 shipment date.

Customers who have received these accessories have included YouTubers, app developers, and a host of regular social media users. What’s more, as MacRumors points out, MagSafe accessories have been listed as available to pick up from Apple Stores in the United States, Canada, and Germany.

Basically, if you’ve included any MagSafe accessories in your iPhone 12 order, you should really check your mailbox or door mat.

An attractive proposition

MagSafe turned out to be one of the most unexpected yet quietly exciting elements of Apple’s pre-recorded October 14 event. Formerly the name of a trip-compliant charging standard for MacBooks, MagSafe is now being attributed to a whole magnetised accessory system for the iPhone 12 family.

With a MagSafe charger to hand, you’ll no longer need to worry about aligning your device correctly with a wireless charger – it will snap right into place. Apple Watch owners will already be well familiar with such a friction-free approach.

But Apple hasn’t just implemented a more intuitive wireless charging standard here. It’s also releasing magnetised cases and card wallets that snap onto the back of an iPhone 12. Some will change the nature of the information being displayed on the iPhone itself.

And it’s not just Apple that will be supplying MagSafe accessories. Third parties are also welcome to contribute to the field, with the likes of Belkin and OtterBox already confirming their support.