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iPhone 12 Pro – flagship handset might not ship until 2021

Apple has long been expected to step into the 5G game in 2020, with the iPhone 12 sort-of-confirmed by Qualcomm to include 5G capabilities that would run rings around the cellular internet speeds of the current-gen 4G network protocol.

But a new report from investment company Susquehanna suggests we might be waiting a little longer for Apple’s darling flagship to adopt the standard. Not because it won’t be adding 5G support to its lineup this September, but because this year’s Pro-level iPhone may release several months after its initial announcement.

The report says Apple is planning to use an advanced “mmWave” 5G in its Pro-level devices, meaning it can access superfast networks said to be up to 10x faster than LTE connections. However, that kind of technology could cause a delay in manufacturing times, meaning the iPhone 12 might launch solo this September with standard 5G capabilities.

Susquehanna expect the iPhone 12 and its mmWave 5G technology would reach the public in very late 2020 or early 2021, meaning those interested in the premium handset could be stuck waiting longer than usual to upgrade.

There’s precedent for this kind of move, of course, with the iPhone X released two months after its announcement in 2017 – but last year’s iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro both dropped in September 2018. And remember to take this kind of report with a pinch of salt when we’re still so far from the expected iPhone 12 launch in September!

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