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iPhone 12 rumors – four super-slim OLED models coming

We know it’s still January and Apple doesn’t announce its yearly iPhone refresh until September, but some early rumors have started to come in about what’s in store later this year.

For starters, the iPhone 12 – as we’ll call it for now – is expected to maintain the same basic casing design as the iPhone 11, though Apple may tweak its dimensions slightly this year to cater to those at either end of the size spectrum. The current iPhone 11 lineup ranges between 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch displays, while the rumors suggest iPhone 12 will range from 5.4-inch to 6.7-inch. As before, the larger of the two will be a Pro model, but this year Apple is looking to split the 6.1-inch model into both regular and Pro variants to give consumers more choice.

The thin bezels surrounding the display will remain the same, meaning these changes in screen size will reflect directly in the size of the casings. Those still rocking an iPhone SE or iPhone 8 should be pleased to see Apple leaning towards more pocket-sized options again after the entire lineup has gradually grown over the last few years. Despite design chief Jony Ive leaving the company in 2019, it seems his obsession with thinness has been fully absorbed into the culture at Apple; these rumors suggest the iPhone 12 will clock in at a svelte 7.4mm thickness, compared to the current generation which all measure at least 8.1mm.

iPhone 12 is expected to stick with a two-camera system on the rear, while iPhone 12 Pro will keep the three currently found on iPhone 11 Pro – but further increase the size of the camera sensors for even better snaps. And this year, all four models will have superior OLED screens.

There are many people still expecting Apple to roll out a complete redesign soon, based on the old days where the iPhone would change drastically every two years. But in recent times that cycle has slowed, with fewer reasons for Apple to make radical changes. On the one hand, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! But on the other, Apple may have to offer up more than just a slight change of size to convince users to upgrade this Fall.