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iPhone 12 Studio – Apple’s MagSafe accessory experience

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Apple has launched a special online experience based around the iPhone 12’s new MagSafe accessory system.

The full iPhone 12 family is now available to order online, with shipments for the iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max expected on Friday. To mark this belated rollout, Apple has launched the iPhone 12 Studio experience.

Accessible through any iOS device (just follow this link, and scan in the QR code if you’re browsing on a Mac or PC), the iPhone 12 Studio lets you virtually kit out your prospective iPhone with the full range of MagSafe Case and Wallet accessories.

After picking your iPhone 12 model, you’ll scroll through and select which color combination of Silicon Case and Wallet you might want. We went with the iPhone 12 Pro in Gold with a Plum case and California Poppy wallet for that autumnal feel, but there are plenty of other options.

After choosing your combination, the iPhone 12 Studio experience will ask for your name, then give you the option of two catwalk–ready angles: stacked or doubled up. You can then download an image of your personalized iPhone 12 set–up to do with as you wish. The intended use appears to be for sharing on social media, judging from the #iPhone12studio hashtag that accompanies the image.

Apple seems to be taking a leaf out of its own Apple Watch book with this whole iPhone 12 Studio experience concept. The Apple Watch Studio experience was previously launched to help prospective smartwatch buyers pick out their favored combination of Watch body and band.

The newly repurposed MagSafe system is set to spawn a whole new ecosystem of accessories. Its snap–on nature and NFC chip enhancements promise to go way beyond Apple’s smart but simple magnetized charging system – especially once third party accessory makers get into their groove.