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iPhone 14 design leak – Thai ad seems to reveal big change

Apple likes to keep upcoming products under wraps until launch events, but with September’s iPhone 14 still months away, we have what looks like proof of a big design change for the iPhone.

A leaked video ad from Thailand shows an iPhone with no notch, instead rocking two small apertures in a so-called “hole and pill” layout. This would see Apple ditching its iconic notched camera system in favor of something that takes up less real estate on the display.

Supposedly, the larger pill-shaped aperture would house the Face ID system, while the smaller hole would be for a front-facing camera. Although it still can’t quite be classed as an “all-screen” design, it gets closer to that ideal than ever before in a way that retains an iconic silhouette Apple can use to distinguish the iPhone from competing smartphones.

Two 15-second videos for Apple Pay have been saved to the Apple Archive Thai account on Youtube, both of which show a stylized iPhone graphic with this new design. Although these could simply be fakes, the style and execution is spot-on and so we’re inclined to believe the videos are legitimate.

We’ll find out more about Apple’s software plans for the year at WWDC, but will likely have to wait until the iPhone 14 event in September for official confirmation of any design changes.