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iPhone 6 Plus users report ‘boot-loop’ crash issues

A number of iPhone 6 Plus users have been reporting a problem where Apple’s phablet-style device enters a boot-loop (endless restarting), requiring a trip to the local Apple retail store to be fixed by staff.

Troubleshooting has determined some possibilities as to why the fault is occurring – one device had over 700 installed apps which may have caused the issue. It’s also been noted that the 128GB model is the model most likely to experience trouble in this regard.

Some users have managed to fix the problem by restoring their phone as new, and re-introducing their apps and preferences one by one – but, as well as being an arduous task, it hasn’t solved the problem for everyone. Another ‘fix’ is using the Display Zoom function in Settings, which might not be ideal if you wanted to fit more stuff on that 5.5 inch screen.

Apple has yet to comment on the issue, and it wasn’t addressed in iOS 8.1. However, this is often the case when an issue is not widespread, but if some users have an iPhone 6 Plus and are getting a boot-loop, then it’s worth visiting an Apple Store to see what staff make of the bug.

Source: Apple Insider