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New shots of iPhone 6 shell surface online

As production of the iPhone 6 ramps up, more shell leaks have found their ways on to the world wide web. The most recent of these come from Weibo, via user dreamerJimmy, who has posted shots of the front and rear of the upcoming device.

dreamerJimmy has previously leaked the iPhone 5 and 5c cases accurately, so it’s a good bet the images show the final design.

The front of the iPhone 6 is obviously bigger than the iPhone 5s

The front of the iPhone 6 is bigger than the iPhone 5s

Each shot includes an iPhone 5s beside the iPhone 6 as a comparison and the difference in screen size is most notable. The rear also seems to be fully metal with thick plastic bands at the top and bottom to let signal in and out of the outer shell.

These leaked images back up previous leaked shots of the iPhone 6 from showing the internal case design and rear. Instead of the sharp edges found on the 5s, these designs feature curved edges. This should make it easier to hold, especially considering the rumored screen size of 4.7-inches. The shots indicate that the power button is moving to the right-hand side of the device, again seemingly in an effort to make it easier for one-handed use. previously posted this iPhone 6 shell previously posted this iPhone 6 shell

It is expected that the iPhone 6 will be announced in September, so expect plenty more leaks before then. The China Times has stated that Apple’s manufacturing partners will start building circuit boards at the end of the June with orders expected to exceed 100 million. Of course, until Apple show it off on stage we can never be 100% sure if this is the final design.

What do you think of the new look? Let us know in the comments below.