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It’s launch day across the globe as Apple releases the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus

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Apple’s latest iPhones are now on sale in retail stores around the world. The inevitable launch day queues have already formed, with people hoping they can grab an iPhone 6s or 6s Plus before their local store sells out.

Meanwhile, those who managed to pre-order before Apple’s online store ran out of stock are patiently waiting for delivery of their new device. Well, except for one lucky customer who received her iPhone 6s four days early thanks to a shipping error.

Obviously some countries are getting their hands on the new iPhones earlier than others, with Australia the first market to open up shop. The guys over at iFixIt have also bagged a device nice and early and have already torn it apart. You know, for science.

Apple has typically refrained from releasing official sales figures, although it’s supposedly “on track” to eclipse last year’s record opening weekend sales. The company says that it’s prepared for the popularity of the device, and has prepared more stock than last year.

After a relatively quiet Apple Watch launch earlier this year, it looks as though the classic new product frenzy is back with a bang. Customers are camping out from stupid o’clock in the morning for a chance to snag an iPhone 6s. One gadget fan in Australia even sent a robot to queue in her place – and yes, it successfully completed a transaction to rapturous applause.

If you’re still in two minds about the new iPhone, check out our roundup of the early critical reviews. Spoiler: they’re pretty positive.

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