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iPhone 7 rumors: smart connector, dual cameras, mystery sensors?

It’s been a while – time for some new iPhone 7 rumors. A new report from Japan substantiates a few previous rumors, while adding some interesting new information. After a photo purporting to be of an iPhone 7 Plus appeared last month, Japanese website Mac Otakara says that it’s “very likely” to be “the real thing.”


Looks pretty similar to existing models…

If true, this seems to confirm a few important stories: that the next iPhone will indeed ditch the conventional headphone jack; that a dual-camera setup will be implemented, at least on the larger Plus model; and that the smart connector seen on the iPad Pro will make its way to the iPhone lineup. This last part could make the iPhone 7 compatible with existing accessories like the Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil, plus rumored new tech like wireless earbuds or battery cases that charge via the smart connector. The report also confirms the lack of antenna bands across the back of the phone, and the fact that the camera protrusion is likely to remain. It looks as though we can file these findings under “very likely to be true” at this point.

Some of the other conclusions drawn are slightly less set in stone, but still interesting: Mac Otakara also suggests the iPhone 7 is unlikely to be much thinner than current models and stick to just a single speaker, despite the removal of the headphone jack potentially freeing up extra space. Finally, the leaked photo seems to show two mystery sensors on top of the device. It’s unknown what purpose these would serve, though it’s possible they could be used to help implement Apple’s latest TrueTone display tech into the iPhone. Or an exciting secret feature we can’t even imagine at this stage. Here’s hoping!