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iPhone 8 cases already in production, hinting at new features

At least one Chinese manufacturer has started making cases for the iPhone 8, despite no official details of its design being released yet. The case photo leaked on Twitter and – if accurate – shows a vertical dual camera alignment, a larger power button, and no opening for a back-mounted Touch ID, as has been previously rumored. This in turn would imply that the iPhone 8 will incorporate full-screen fingerprint scanning embedded in the display itself, despite production concerns.


It looks like the lightning port and speaker grilles will remain the same

However, as with most of these rumors that tend to go viral before anybody has fact-checked them, take this with a large grain of salt. It looks as though the case is based on recently leaked schematics, with some blogs are giving the design more credence than others. Case leaks have often been accurate in the past, so don’t dismiss this one completely – these companies often get a headstart on the rest of us.

We’re deep into iPhone rumor season as Summer approaches, with Apple typically keeping quiet until the official announcements in September. However, the iPhone 8’s design will be finalized soon (if it hasn’t already been) and production of the models will ramp up in the coming months in preparation for launch. This means that rumors from suppliers and those involved with the production should steadily become more accurate – it’s hard to keep a secret when you’re producing millions upon millions of devices. Stay tuned!

Source: SlashLeaks.