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iPhone 8 delay: staggered iPhone shipping schedule

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Customers may have to wait longer for the high-end iPhone

Just a few days, and we’ll see for sure what Apple has had up its sleeve all Summer. What we know (almost) for certain is that three new iPhones are coming our way; two straightforward iterative updates and one premium model with extra features and a new design. It’s slightly less clear what names Apple will give these devices, but for now let’s stick with iPhone 7S and 7S Plus for the iterative updates and iPhone 8 for the premium model.

A report from TechCrunch, citing trusted sources, claims that although Apple will announce these devices at the same time their release will be staggered, with the standard models available first. Supply and manufacturing issues are supposedly the cause of this delay, with mass production ramping up much later than usual due to the scarcity and complexity of new parts like the AMOLED displays intended for the iPhone 8.

Based on Apple’s release history over the last few years, it seems highly likely that its September 12 event will introduce the new products, with pre-orders going live on the Friday of the same week, September 15. Until recently it was expected that the devices themselves would ship to customers (and become available in retail stores) a week after that, September 22.

This new report seems sure that the iPhone 8 won’t be available until “sometime” after that, which could even stretch until October. Perhaps we’ll see the iPhone 7S and 7S Plus shipping from September 22 as planned and the iPhone 8 shipping a week or two later – possibly October 6. Some pundits believe the delay could be as much as a month.

iPhones are always in short supply when they first launch, but it looks like those interested in the iPhone 8 may have to wait a little longer than usual this year. If you’re looking to grab a new iPhone as soon as possible, your best bet is to pre-order a device next week using the Apple Store app.