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More iPhone 8 rumors – no home button, $1000+ premium model

It’s only been a couple of days since we reported on the last flurry of iPhone 8 rumors, and already several more have surfaced. Most of these are things we’ve heard whispered before, but a new report from Reuters doubles down on these whispers and could mean they’re more than just fake news. Let’s take a quick look.

No Home Button

We keep hearing that Apple is planning to remove the physical home button completely, after replacing it with a software button just last year. This would reduce the need for thick bezels around the screen, allowing a larger display without increasing the physical size of the device. Instead of a home button, it’s thought we could see a fingerprint sensor built into the display itself, with some kind of “function area” along the bottom of the iPhone.

Wireless charging

As noted in the report, Apple doesn’t look set to bring too many brand new technologies to the table this year. Instead, it looks to improve on features which have been seen in rival smartphones for a few years. Apple recently joined the Wireless Power Consortium and reportedly has as many as five separate teams working on the necessary tech, so we’d be very surprised if wireless charging didn’t make its way to the iPhone this year.

$1000 price tag

Not so much a feature as a statement, we’ve been hearing that the high end iPhone 8 will be the first iPhone to smash the thousand dollar mark. This solidifies the suggestions that Apple will be releasing three new models this year, one of which will be a super-premium, redesigned iPhone while the others stick closer to the design of existing devices. One analyst described the premium model as something “for the real Apple-crazed folks out there who want to stand out.” Let’s hope Apple doesn’t forget that regular Joes like nice phones, too.

This year’s new iPhones are expected to be announced this September, but Apple has a launch event coming up just next month too. As ever, stick with us and we’ll be sure to bring you all the latest news as soon as we can.