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iPhone durability – Apple shows off its ‘ceramic shield’

If you’re still in the habit of treating your $1000 smartphone with respect, forget it! According to Apple’s latest ads, you can pretty much treat the iPhone 12 like trash and it’ll be just fine. (Disclaimer: we’re not advising you to do that!)

So just how durable is the iPhone 12?

The latest ad, Fumble, is all about the ceramic shield technology that makes the iPhone 12’s display “tougher than any smartphone glass.” It’s a neat ad that shows that an accidental drop isn’t the big deal it would have been a few years ago. Chances are, your iPhone will live to see another day.

Before that, Apple launched an ad entitled Cook, in which an excitable but reckless home chef really puts his iPhone through the ringer in the kitchen. Here, Apple seems to be saying not only that the device is shock resistant – but flour, egg, and tomato proof too. The ad finishes with the cook rinsing the iPhone clean in the sink, a nod to its impressive waterproof properties that are often forgotten.

Relax, it’s iPhone, say both ads.

It’s worth noting that the properties of glass make it difficult to build a screen that’s highly shatter-proof and highly scratch-proof. Apple seems to be showing off the shatter resistance in these ads, and indeed tests show it’s much harder than before to crack your display. But that doesn’t mean it won’t pick up a few scratches! Despite Apple’s improved “dual ion-exchange process” it’s still not entirely scratch-proof.

Make sure to take this all into consideration when deciding whether to get a screen protection and/or phone case.

That said, we always like it when Apple releases ads like this that show an iPhone surviving such reckless behavior. It gives plenty of ammo to convince the Apple Store to repair your device even if it was your own fault! After all, if the official ads said it was fine to drop an iPhone on the ground and cover it with food and water, it must be ok. Right?