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iPhone in numbers: amazing ways the iPhone changed the world

So the iPhone turns 10 this week, and to celebrate everyone seems to be digging up their best facts, figures, and opinions about the decade since Apple turned the tech world upside-down.

One of the best pieces we’ve seen so far is this article by Recode that shows ten different ways the iPhone changed the world, backed up by charts and graphs. It’s more interesting than it sounds.

Amongst other things, it details how the number of digital photos taken per year hasĀ trebled since 2011. Back then, half of all photos were taken on smartphones, whereas today a whopping 85% of pics snapped come from cameras that are also phones. Other graphs look at how the iPhone killed off Blackberry and Nokia, made Apple the biggest company in the world, and completely changed the worldwide advertising industry.

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It also delves into how the release of the iPhone unwittingly affected other things, likeĀ the sale of gum. We bet you’d never thought of that correlation before. Take a look at the full article for all the details.