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Looking forward to the iPhone SE 2? This news will either excite you even more, or put you off completely.

Two different sources are convinced Apple will give its entry-level iPhone a facelift to make it look more like the iPhone X. One case-maker has already started producing screen protectors for the presumed design.

That would mean the exact same sized handset that’s been popular since the iPhone 5, with a larger edge-to-edge screen and a recognizable “notch” design to make space for the front-facing camera.

iPhone SE is the smallest and cheapest smartphone Apple makes, utilizing a tried-and-true design and a mash-up of older internals to create a surprisingly capable device for a much lower price than the flagship iPhones.

It will be interesting to see whether a redesign would result in a price hike, and whether it would put off users who are attached to the old design and dislike the look of “the notch.”

The other unanswered question is what would happen to Touch ID with the bezels and Home button removed from the device. Face ID is the obvious answer, but the technology required might still be too big and expensive to include in a budget iPhone.

Still, it’s an exciting prospect that could see Apple’s iPhone range consolidated into a single design language across its entire lineup. We probably won’t have to wait too long to find out, as the iPhone SE 2 is expected to be announced soon, quite possibly at WWDC in early June.

If this rumor is true, Apple’s marketing team has its work cut out coming up with a name for this thing. Nobody wants to buy an iPhone SE-X.