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iPhone SE is back: popular handset in limited clearance sale

iPhone SE – a budget handset that Apple stopped selling last September – is back on the Apple Store website as part of a last-ditch clearance sale. In the US, it’s available in limited quantities from just $249, though stock is running out fast.

We eulogized the iPhone SE at the end of 2017, even going so far as to call it Apple’s best iPhone (for most people):

“The bottom line is that although the iPhone SE will never set the tech world on fire, for a great many users it’s the phone we’d recommend above all others. If you miss the smaller smartphones of days gone by, if you don’t use your iPhone for much more than the basics, or if you just want to save some money without leaving the Apple ecosystem, it could be for you.”

Sadly, the device hasn’t been updated for more than two years and with the iPhone XR hogging the “mid-range handset” limelight, it’s looking increasingly unlikely we’ll see iPhone SE in production again.

But there’s still hope for those who still prefer the old 2012-era aesthetic and 4-inch display of the iPhone SE. Check the Apple Store to see if any clearance stock remains in your region; if not, there are plenty of other places you can still find the popular handset. Currently Amazon is selling refurbished 64GB units for around $200 (roughly £190 will net you the same model in the UK).