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iPhone X bug: some users unable to accept calls

As reported by the Financial Times, many iPhone X owners have witnessed a bug which stops users answering incoming calls. Pretty worrying problem for, you know, a phone, though luckily it seems to be only affecting a very small minority of users,

Since the first report, a home video has surfaced as evidence of the problem. It looks as though the Phone app isn’t automatically launched like it normally would be when a call comes in, meaning there is no way to accept or reject the call. After around ten seconds, the Phone prompts finally appear – though in many instances, this would be too late to answer.

There have been other relatively minor issues with the iPhone X since its launch in November, all of which have been fixed with software updates. Chances are the same will happen to this problem now it’s out in the open, as Apple has confirmed it’s looking into the issue – although it’s not entirely clear if this is a software or a hardware issue.

If it’s caused by faulty hardware, changing iOS may not be enough to fix it, in which case Apple will be expected to offer free repairs in-store. We’d recommend contacting Apple Support if you’ve experienced this problem yourself!