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iPhone X Plus: what would a 6.7-inch iPhone look like?

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Perhaps the most striking aspect of the iPhone X is its (nearly) full-screen design. Losing the bezels and the Home button allowed Apple to fit a large 5.8-inch display into a device the same size as a regular-sized iPhone. But what if those design choices were scaled up to a Plus-size model?

The answer, explains Martin Hajek with a series of super-realistic concept renders, is an amazing 6.7-inch display in a unit that’s pretty much the same size as the existing iPhone Plus range. These unofficial mockups show what such a device would look like.

We’ll likely have to wait until late next year to see how Apple follows up the iPhone X. It’s going to be difficult to come up with a suitable name (X2? XI? XX? XSE?) but considering the positive reception to its launch we’re pretty sure there will be more devices cut from this mold. We may even see the iPad follow suit by losing the Home button and gaining Face ID.

These images were mocked up by Martin Hajek and are in no way official – but we wouldn’t be surprised to see Apple release something similar next year. There’s always demand for larger screens, and these renders look gorgeous. You can see the full set of concept images here.