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iPhone X problems: free repairs for unresponsive displays

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Apple has officially announced a free repair program for specific issues which have cropped up in a small percentage of iPhone X handsets.

Some users have experienced screens that intermittently stop responding to touch – or, in some cases, respond of their own accord even when not being touched. Either way, if you have an iPhone X and the display has been acting weird, Apple will foot the bill if you need a screen replacement. You’ll need to take the device to an Apple Store or an authorized service provider for a diagnosis.

That’s not all – if you bought a MacBook Pro with solid state (SSD) storage in 2017 or 2018, you might be eligible for a free repair on that, too. A small batch of those computers has been found to have issues that can cause data loss or drive failure, which is a pretty serious problem if it happens to you. If you think you might be affected, press here to check your model with Apple to see if you need a replacement SSD. This is the kind of issue that’s better to deal with before it inadvertently destroys all your data!