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iPhone X: production speeding up, still shy of demand

Despite the moderate success of the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus Apple launched last month, it’s the flagship iPhone X that’s getting all the attention. As such it’s expected to be in high demand when it officially launches next month.

Unfortunately, some of the components – such as the new 3D sensing module – included in the iPhone X have proved rather tricky to build at speed, and a combination of supply and manufacturing issues has set Apple somewhat behind in its preparations for the device’s release.

Well, a new report filed by DigiTimes suggests the production woes could be over, as yield rates for all components have now stabilized, showing a marked improvement on previous reports. The report also claims that in contrast to the 3D modules, A11 chip deliveries have always been on schedule despite some media reports to the contrary.

This is good news for anyone hoping to pick up an iPhone X, though nabbing one at launch may still be a bit of a crapshoot. Sources from Apple’s supply chain expect shipments to increase steadily, meeting demand in time for the Christmas and New Year holidays. Which means some customers may have to wait until the start of 2018 to grab one.

To maximize your chances of getting an iPhone X at launch (Nov 3) you’ll want to be primed and ready to spring into action on October 27 when Apple starts accepting pre-orders. We’ll be sure to bring you even more tips on how to pre-order next week. For now, though, we’re taking this news as a good sign that production is finally ramping up!