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iPhone X survey: what do our readers think?

Earlier this week we published a quiz designed to help you decide whether or not to upgrade to an iPhone X. Give it a go if you’re on the fence about upgrading!

Several thousand responses later, and some interesting patterns have emerged. The results are pretty surprising – let’s take a look at the most popular answers to see what you guys thought of Apple’s latest and greatest features!

Current device

61% of users said their current device feels “as good as new,” with 30% noticing a little slowdown and 9% having serious problems. That’s a big majority with no real reason to upgrade for a while, then.

App usage

According to a report, the average person uses around 30 apps per month. As for our readers, just 5% said they stick to the default apps, with the vast majority split between medium and heavy app usage.

Watching videos

More than half of respondents prefer to stick to a “proper” TV, though many of you use YouTube and Netflix fairly regularly. Just 13% watch full movies on an iPhone.

Playing games

Only 10% of you are hardcore gamers, compared to 40% who have no interest in gaming whatsoever. Everyone else enjoys casual games and puzzles.


Roughly half of those surveyed use the camera almost every day, while at the other end of the spectrum 8% aren’t bothered about photos at all.

Front camera

Most people occasionally use the front camera, mainly for FaceTime, while 26% barely use it at all. Meanwhile, the 15% of people who confessed to being “selfie divas” may be tempted by the impressive TrueDepth camera on the iPhone X.

Face ID

The majority of respondents said they were open to facial recognition, but “not sure how well it will work.” Surprisingly, just 12% said they’d rather have Touch ID. Those guys should probably stick to the iPhone 8 and below for now!


One-fifth of users can’t wait to become a talking pile of poo, apparently, while the rest of us look on with a mixture of indifference and disgust.

Wireless charging

Two-thirds of people are looking forward to fewer wires, with the rest happy to continue plugging in Lightning cables. Remember that both iPhone X and 8 include wireless charging, but you’ll need to buy a third-party charging pad separately.

The notch

More than half of you think the cut-out at the top of the iPhone X screen is totally worth it for the increased screen size. Meanwhile, 10% are baffled by the “ugly” design choice and the rest don’t care either way!

There you have it! Did you mostly agree with the crowd or have you own view on these features?