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iPhone X wallpapers: add some color to your device

Grab one of Apple’s beautiful new wallpapers

One of the things Apple is best known for is marketing – it always does a good job of making its new products look gorgeous, and the latest ads for iPhone X are no exception. The new device is shown with a gorgeous wallpaper of swirling paint and glitter, and it looks great.

Of course, the iPhone X isn’t available yet and who knows if those images will be used as official backgrounds for the new device or not. In the meantime, though, wouldn’t it be nice to make our current iPhones and iPads look this good?

Luckily for us, the team over at iDownloadBlog had the same idea and managed to get hold of some stills from WeAreColorful, who created these amazing scenes in the first place.

Look at the incredible detail in those swirls and paint droplets

If you want to spice up your lock screen or home screen with a colorful new wallpaper, tap here to visit iDownloadBlog and choose your favorite design. Then, to set it as your background, press and hold until a menu pops up and tap Save Image. Head to SettingsWallpaper and press Choose New Wallpaper. You can then pick the image from the All Photos section.