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iPhone XI renders: is this what the next iPhone looks like?

iPhone X was released less than three months ago, but already the time has come for rumors to start flying about its successor.

A set of slick concept renders published by iDropNews imagine what the next premium iPhone will look like, and there are several interesting choices shown here. The device, which has been unofficially dubbed “iPhone XI,” is conceptualized here with the same overall design language as the current model. However, it makes a number of small but notable changes that add up to an evolutionary change rather than another revolutionary one.

iPhone X on the left and a concept for iPhone XI on the right

Firstly, the “notch” – the cutaway at the top of the iPhone X screen – has been shrunk, and so have the bezels around the edge of the device. It’s expected that technical improvements made this year will make this possible, and it would push the design closer to the “all-screen” concept Apple chased with iPhone X. Though these changes make for appealing renders, we’d be surprised to see Apple’s design team make these kinds of iterative changes this year.

More likely, we think, is an almost identical physical design with improved internals and maybe some new features, with the notch and bezels remaining the same size until technology allows them to be removed completely.

No more camera bump!

These concept designs also envisage a rear camera flush with the back of the device – finally! – and a dual SIM card tray. Using two SIMs in one device is incredibly popular in markets including China and India, places where the iPhone is quickly increasing in popularity. We’d be less surprised to see these types of changes in the iPhone XI, hopefully alongside the improvements to internals we’ve come to expect from yearly iPhone upgrades.

Many smartphones in Asia already offer dual SIM support

Also expected this year is that Apple will release an “iPhone XI Plus,” a larger device with the same features and design as the XI will have. There are also rumors that the iPhone X will be discontinued as soon as its successor is released, unlike other iPhone generations that continue to sell at a discount when they’re superseded by a new model.

Finally, we could see Apple bringing features that are currently exclusive to iPhone X, such as Face ID authentication, making their way down to whatever “regular” iPhone is announced this year – possible an iPhone 9 and 9 Plus in September.

All of the above sounds relatively feasible, and the renders look amazing. But really, nobody knows what Apple is planning. We’ll just have to wait and see!