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iPhone XR popularity: mid-tier model tops Apple sales charts

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If you’ve been following the wider news of late, there’s a vague impression in the media that iPhone sales have tanked. Apple recently stopped declaring individual figures for Mac, iPhone, and iPad sales, leading some armchair pundits to read between the lines and declare that Apple is trying to hide poor sales numbers.

As a result, Apple stock has fallen to the point that it’s well below the trillion-dollar value it hit earlier this year – though, in fairness, stocks for the tech industry as a whole have dropped significantly in the past few months.

Anyway, the point of this story is that amongst the slightly-lower-than-some-people-expected sales of the iPhone in the previous quarter, the iPhone XR seems to be knocking it out of the park. Since its release at the end of October, the XR has been the most popular iPhone, period.

Apple’s marketing VP Greg Joswiak told CNET that iPhone XR has “been our most popular iPhone each and every day since the day it became available.” That means it’s consistently outselling the premium XS and XS Max, but also all the price-slashed last-gen models including the iPhone 7 which is now just $449.

iPhone XR offers way more color options than the XS, which no doubt appeals to the mass market

iPhone XR is Apple’s first attempt at a “mid-tier” iPhone that doesn’t compromise on performance. It has the same incredible new A12 chip as the premium flagship models but starts at $749, a full $250 less than the iPhone XS and $350 less than the XS Max.

We think that for most people, iPhone XR represents the best value for money and the best choice of smartphone, period. (Read our full review to see why.) So it’s no surprise that it’s proving to be so popular – we’ll have to wait and see if the results convince the pundits at Apple’s next quarterly earnings call!