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iPhone Xs wallpaper: new backgrounds for your old device

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The iPhone Xs and Xs Max were introduced this week with a series of gorgeous promo shots that showed off a stunning new wallpaper.

Is that Mars?

If you just can’t wait for your pre-order to arrive, or you’re sticking with your old device for a while, why not grab the flashy new designs to make it look to the untrained eye like you’re rocking a brand new iPhone Xs, or a fancy as-yet-unreleased iPad?

Though at first glance these images look like planets, they are in fact vibrant close-ups of bubbles. Set on a jet black background, they’re clearly designed to show off the OLED displays of the new iPhones, which are excellent at displaying very pure blacks. This has the effect of hiding the notch, which could be useful if you’re rocking last year’s iPhone X and think it would look better without the screen cutaway.

It’s almost like there’s no notch at all…

It’s worth noting that the actual iPhone Xs and Xs Max will ship with “live” versions of these bubble wallpapers that shift and shine to the touch. However, for now we just have the still versions to work with. Thanks to DuraidAbdul on Reddit for extracting these wallpapers from the final developer beta of iOS 12, and iPhoneHacks for presenting them in an easy downloadable format.

The iPhone X and Xs are identical in size and shape, so if you stick one of these backgrounds on last year’s model it will be indistinguishable from the new one.

To get these wallpapers, visit iPhoneHacks, tap the design you like best to bring it full screen, and then press and hold the image for a moment. Select Save Image and it will be stored in your camera roll. You can then select it from the Wallpaper section of the Settings app.