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Jony Ive promoted to Apple’s Chief Design Officer

Sir Jonathan Ive, one of the most influential designers in the world, has been promoted within Apple to a newly created role which will allow him to spend less time on management and more on design. A Telegraph interview with Stephen Fry revealed news of the promotion.

A few years ago Apple CEO Tim Cook gave Ive the reins in HI (Human Interface) as well as ID (Industrial Design), essentially putting him directly in charge of designing both hardware and software. Until now he has worked under the slightly awkward title ‘Senior Vice President of Design’.

His previous role is now being split in two again and handed over to two very accomplished designers in their own right, while Ive oversees both in a less hands-on position. Ive will now be known as ‘Chief Design Officer,’ a brand new position he believes will free him from the “administrative and management work” which has previously taken up time that could be better spent on design.

The British-born Richard Howarth has been a key player in the design of the iPhone since the very first generation, and will take the lead as head of Industrial Design, while Alan Dye – a man with “a genius for human interface design” will become head of User Interface.

So what does this mean for Apple? Well, in theory Ive should be able to keep a guiding hand over both the ID and HI design teams while working directly on new design challenges – including Apple’s upcoming HQ, future retail stores and maybe even the oft-rumored Apple Car.

In the long-form love-letter to Apple technology, Fry also speaks with Cook and visits the work-in-progress Apple Campus 2. Definitely worth a read in full.

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