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Larger iPhone 6 Plus screen size leads to higher app engagement

Got an iPhone 6? Statistics say you’re more likely to spend longer using apps and have a higher rate of data usage.

Though a lot of us would have denied it this time last year, we may well prefer bigger smartphone screens. It shows in the sales – Apple’s new iPhones, the 6 and 6 Plus, sold more than any other iPhone to date, and has smashed expectations for the brand. The larger screen meant users could watch videos with less squinting, message friends without pressing the wrong keys with lumbering thumbs, while it also opened the door for even more practical and leisure uses for phones.

However, a new study has shown that this preference is represented in usage, too. Users of the iPhone 6 Plus spend more time with apps than users of any other iPhone model.

Ian Fogg, senior director Mobile & Telecommunications at IHS, the analysts that conducted the study, said:

“Companies building apps for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus need to know what greater engagement these large screen iPhones will deliver for their genre of app, because higher engagement means more revenues through in-app purchases and advertising. This is useful data for app developers to get their hands on, especially as iOS is the most lucrative app market of them all.”

Streaming Netflix and using Whatsapp more than before could certainly lead to higher data consumption. However, the data could be skewed by the type of users the iPhone 6 attracts. It could mean that larger screens draw users into exploring and using apps more, but on the other hand, it could be that the sort of people that preordered and ensured they picked up an iPhone 6 early are the same kinds of users that use apps often and download more to their handsets. It’s entirely possible these numbers could even out as more everyday iPhone users’ contracts finish and more people move on to the iPhone 6.

What do you think? Does having an iPhone 6 lead to you using your phone more?

Source: Cult of Mac, Digitimes

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