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Leaked case renders suggest 4-inch ‘iPhone SE’ to reuse old design

Until now, we’ve had a relative lack of solid information about the design of Apple’s rumored “iPhone SE,” but leaked renderings from case manufacturer Spigen suggest a design almost indistinguishable from 2013’s iPhone 5s.

The new handset, likely to be officially announced later this month, is expected to be Apple’s first 4-inch iPhone in three years. Previous rumors have led us to expect a device the size and shape of the iPhone 5s with increased power and features introduced in the iPhone 6 and 6s. MacRumors has previously taken an in-depth look at what these rumors could mean from an aesthetic standpoint.


Now, pre-release renderings for a Spigen iPhone SE case have surfaced, showing the device to maintain many telltale features of the iPhone 5s such as a top-mounted power button and round volume buttons. These early designs from a well-known manufacturer are a good indicator of what’s to come, but even if they’re completely correct there’s only so much we can learn from a case mockup.

It’s still not clear if the upcoming iPhone SE will feature an iPhone 6 style glass display, curved edges or a protruding camera. Apple’s next big event is expected on March 21 – we’ll be covering the presentation in full, so stay tuned and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter.