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Leaked iPhone 6s Plus photos reveal Force Touch sensor

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Leaked images from sources in Taiwan show the display panel of the upcoming iPhone 6s Plus, revealing a sensor for the heavily-rumored Force Touch technology.

Even with Apple’s September ‘Special Event‘ just around the corner, we’ve seen precious few pictures of the (reportedly) forthcoming iPhone 6s Plus. These images from Apple Club in Taiwan allegedly show the device in full.


The insides of the device reveal the Force Touch sensors

If the pictures are legitimate, it doesn’t bring much new information to the table but rather confirms many of the rumors we’ve been hearing recently about the new iPhone models. Aesthetically, the phone looks near enough identical to last year’s iPhone 6 Plus, but the sensor and a new logic chip seem to confirm the inclusion of Apple’s latest Force Touch input method, already in use on the Apple Watch and the trackpads of the latest MacBook.

The rest of the enhancements made to this year’s iPhone upgrade are rumored to be under-the-hood, with the first big camera resolution change in years (from 8MP to 12MP) and much-improved processing power and memory.

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