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Leaked Watch photos – a reported first look at Series 7

Apple Watch Series 7 was announced last month alongside a suite of new iPhones and iPads – but unlike those other items, Apple’s latest smartwatch still has no set release date.

That said, rumors abound that it will be here sometime this month. That seems to be corroborated somewhat by the appearance of leaked photos of the new unit in the wild.

Despite the fact Apple likes to keep a tight lid on products until they’re good and ready, it seems somebody involved with testing at a cellphone carrier managed to get hold of the latest Apple Watch and snap some sneaky photos. After surfacing on Face – and later being removed – the images have wound up making the rounds. Shout out to Macworld in particular for being the first to get hold of these photos.

Though this could of course be a very convincing fake, the photos certainly show off the larger display, smaller bezels, and rounded screen edges that are the hallmark of Apple Watch Series 7. Not only does the 20% increase in display size allow for more text and icons to fit on screen – as seen here – it also means users can tap away at a full keyboard on their wrist for the first time.

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This real-world look at an upcoming Apple gadget offers a different perspective from the clean perfection of an Apple keynote, and it’s always interesting to see these things before the official launch.

As soon as we hear more about that launch date – and the pre-order window – we’ll be sure to let you know.