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Life on iPad – Apple releases six inspiring videos

Apple is touting the iPad Pro as a new and better way to tackle tasks like video editing, music production, travel planning, wedding planning, and even starting a business. As such, it has released minute-long videos showing off each of those topics in more detail, in an attempt to inspire potential users to do the same.

In addition to these videos on specific use cases, Apple has also made a catch-all TV ad about “life on iPad” in which a young man seemingly ignores all social cues and obstacles around him in order to stay fixated to his iPad Pro.

Though slightly unrealistic, we admit it does a good job of showcasing how many different things the device is capable of, and how many different places it’s feasible to use it – including at the office with a huge second screen, on the tube, and even on a flight with Airplane mode activated.

Combined with the Apple Pencil, it really could replace a conventional computer for a whole lot of people. Check out our review of the latest iPad Pro for more on what it can do.

If you missed our post earlier today, it’s worth noting that (at the time of writing) Amazon has some massive discounts on the iPad Pro range. If these ads convince you to grab one, there’s no better time than the present.