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Loodo preview: the digital board game subscription

Loodo is an upcoming service that will deliver monthly board games for iPhone and iPad, which users can pick from a selection of more than 100 games.

Loodo’s library of games includes some big names including Clue, Monopoly, Carcassonne, 7 WondersRoot, and Wingspan. 10 of the 12 choices from our own list of the best digital board games for iOS are here too. Despite a few notable absences, that’s more than enough to quell a monthly hunger for something new to play.

If Apple Arcade is like Netflix for mobile games, Loodo is Audible for board games. Like the audiobook subscription, users pay a fixed fee for one monthly credit, which can be redeemed for anything in the library – including plenty of titles that would normally cost much more. A Loodo subscription will set you back $4.99/month, with many of the available games worth twice that.

Anything you download through Loodo is yours to keep, even if you quit the service. And accessing your chosen game each month via promo code was very easy in our beta testing of the service. Though subscription fatigue may put you off another monthly outgoing, there are substantial savings here for fans of digital board gaming.

We see it as an affordable way to try out a regular stream of new games, vetting the best ones to purchase in real life. Physical board games are notoriously pricey, but these digital adaptations give you a chance to experiment without a big commitment. (Its also a good way to practice titles you don’t own, so you can beat your friends at their own game!)

Loodo will initially launch in the US only, but its creators are hoping for a global release in the future. They’re planning a mid-June launch – if you’re interested, you can join the waitlist at to be notified when the service goes live!