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LumaFusion 3.0 – great video editor gets ever better

Want to edit a short, silly video for social media? Apple’s Clips is a great solution.

Looking for something a little more serious? Apple’s iMovie has you covered.

But if you want high-quality video edits with plenty of choice and a boatload of capabilities, LumaFusion is an excellent choice. With a feature set similar to what you’d find in Final Cut Pro or Premiere – two apps that are only available on desktop computers – you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better solution designed specifically for the touch interface of iPhone and iPad.


Here’s what we said about LumaFusion version 1 when it made the cut for our Best of 2017 roundup:

“You get three standard tracks to work with, and three additional audio tracks for overdubs and effects. Numerous editing tools and transitions are available, so you can make short work of hacking footage into shape. And when you feel your movie needs a little extra, built-in layered effects enable you to do everything from adding a subtle vignette to transforming your masterpiece into an eye-searing psychedelic animation.”

You can tell we’re fans. Though, if you’re just looking for the special effects without the filmmaking stuff, it’s worth considering the cut-down LumaFX instead, which was itself upgraded to version 3 in March last year.

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A big update

LumaFusion’s developers have just dropped version 3 of the popular app, bringing some major changes and improvements.

There’s a new video stabilization feature, using the “Lock & Load” technology developed by CoreMelt. That’s a big deal.

There’s also the ability to edit clips from an external drive on recent iPad Pros, and export directly to the drive too. If you’re working on a big project with large filesizes, this negates the need to use up your iPad’s limited internal storage.

The app has also made improvements to audio design with a slick graphical equalizer and support for third-party audio effect plugins.

If any of this feels like overkill for your needs, or complicated editing jargon, rest assured it just means the app is more powerful and more capable than ever.

LumaFusion is a little pricey by App Store standards at $30/£30, but it’s worth noting this is a one-off purchase and works out cheaper than many yearly subscriptions for inferior products. It’s also cheaper than any of the big names in PC editing software.

So, if you fancy yourself the next Spielberg, give it a try!

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