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M2 MacBook Pro – preorders are open, but think twice…

Earlier this month, Apple unveiled two MacBooks powered by its powerful new M2 chip. While the redesigned MacBook Air isn’t available for another month, today (June 17 at 5 am PDT) Apple opened pre-orders for the latest 13-inch MacBook Pro.

That means you can now place an order on Apple’s website for it to ship a week later on June 24. Prices for this model start at $1,299/£1,349, or slightly less for those who qualify for an education discount.

It’s a great computer, but unless you’re desperate for this specific form factor and want it right away, it’s not a purchase we recommend diving into.

Casual users may be better off waiting for next month’s MacBook Air. It’s a slicker design, lighter, has a slightly bigger screen, and rocks the same M2 chip – for $100 less.

The Pro has slightly better GPU performance, more storage, and a fan-based cooling system to help with intensive workloads – but if those kinds of things are important to you, last year’s 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pros are probably a better choice. They have double the memory, double the storage, and more customization options – albeit with an M1 Pro chip instead of M2.

Still, the new 13-inch MacBook Pro is nothing to sniff at. Especially if you’re one of the few people who likes the Touch Bar.

Apple offering this much choice means there’s a perfect notebook out there for everyone – just be sure you understand the comparisons before taking the plunge with a preorder.