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Mac calendar powerhouse ‘BusyCal’ comes to iOS

Developers BusyMac have recently released the long-awaited iOS counterpart to their popular OS X app, BusyCal.


BusyCal for Mac has long been regarded as one of the most powerful, customizable calendars available – but at $49.99, it’s never been cheap. Luckily the iOS version has launched at a much more palatable $4.99 (£3.99) without shirking on the impressive feature set.

BusyCal syncs with all the main calendar services, and aesthetically looks like a souped-up version of Apple’s stock iOS Calendars app. No visual bells and whistles but plenty of flexible, intelligent functions – all listed in detail on the BusyCal website.

Some of the app’s highlights include integrating weather forecasts, travel times and to-do lists directly into your Calendar, which itself has a broad range of customizable views. You can tag, filter and search your events and add new content with natural language input.

If you already use BusyCal for Mac, this purchase should be a no-brainer – but even for the rest of us, our first impressions are that it looks like an incredibly useful app and certainly a worthy competitor to the third-party alternatives we highlighted in our calendars roundup last year. BusyCal for iOS is available on the App Store.