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MacBook ‘Pro Mode’ – Apple planning speed boost mode

Apple’s MacBook range is already pretty speedy, but it looks as though Apple is preparing a “Pro Mode” to give its laptops a bit of extra oomph at the flick of a switch.

A beta release of macOS 10.15.3 reveals lines of code relating to Pro Mode, along with some useful strings of text briefly explaining the feature. Though it doesn’t seem possible to test the functions properly yet, the code does hint at its inclusion in a future update.

9to5Mac supposes these changes will give users more control over the current power management system. The cooling system has been vastly improved in recent MacBook models, potentially making it possible to squeeze more from existing hardware with these tweaks.

More specifically, switching on Pro Mode looks like it will allow apps to run faster at the expense of battery life and fan noise. For quietness and power efficiency, it’ll be off by default – but will be an optional mode for those times you need some extra juice.

This kind of performance boost could be a great help to anyone undertaking tasks like video or photo editing, music composition, 3D modeling, or development work. Creative professionals who rely on the Adobe suite of apps will certainly be pleased to see such a feature.

And though Macs have historically played second fiddle to Windows PCs when it comes to gaming, a Pro Mode could potentially be the shot in the arm that gets your MacBook running titles smoother than ever.