A whole bunch of news has surfaced this week about Apple, and we know how hard it can be to keep up with the lot! So instead of splitting out separate articles for even the smallest stories, here’s everything you need to know in just 300 words. You’re welcome!

Share your gifts

“Have you ever made something wonderful but were too afraid to share it?” says Apple about its 2018 festive video. The three-minute animation tells the tale of a young creative too shy to show anyone her work. It’s a really nicely told story with beautiful graphics that almost makes you forget you’re watching a Christmas advert.

Apple acquires AI firm

Apple is reported to have acquired Artificial Intelligence experts Silk Labs earlier this year in an effort to boost its AI and machine learning services. It could be a great match, as Silk Labs – like Apple – is focused on protecting user privacy; its software is designed to run locally and securely on a mobile device instead of relying on cloud services.

US Veterans’ medical records

The Department of Veterans Affairs is looking to work with Apple to modernize its records, a move which could enable over 9 million veterans to easily access their own medical records on an iPhone or iPad. This would be a big step for Apple in its quest to improve existing healthcare through technology.

Tim Cook’s CNN interview

CNN has released the second half of an interview with Apple CEO Tim Cook, in which he discusses a whole range of topics. These include his decision to publicly come out as gay, to Apple’s efforts in developing autonomous software for automobiles. (He implies that Apple is probably not working on its own car, however.)

Black Friday

Finally, don’t forget its Black Friday week and there are great technology deals wherever you look! If you’ve been holding out on upgrading your iPad or waiting for a deal on iPhone accessories, now’s your chance!