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Mixed reality headset – Apple Glasses coming next year?

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Apple has been rumored to be working on a “mixed reality” headset for a long time, ever since Google’s failed Glass experiment almost a decade ago.

But new evidence points to Apple’s version of the project – perhaps some form of wearable glasses that overlay information onto the real world – could still be alive, and coming sooner than we thought.

Internal builds of iOS 13 have been dug into by developers, and the people at MacRumors have discovered several references in the code to a system codenamed “StarBoard” for stereo Augmented Reality apps. The system is designed for both “worn” and “held” modes in landscape, hinting at a standalone device capable of mixed reality experiences.

Of course, this could simply be a part of Apple’s foray into AR for the iPhone as opposed to an entirely new wearable device. Gadgets that dock an iPhone into a wearable headset have been around for years, and maybe this hidden code is simply a way for iOS to better integrate with such a device.

But it’s a fact that Tim Cook views AR as the future, claiming it’s a profound technology that “amplifies human performance.” Perhaps that’s why Apple bought a holographic lens company last year.

Add to that the fact that this is not the only source convinced Apple could be releasing glasses as soon as 2020, and we reckon this – or something like it – could really be on the cards before too long.