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Monument Valley: iOS game to get more levels in downloadable pack

The runaway puzzle hit Monument Valley is set to expand with 8 new chapters in a brand new expansion pack called ‘Forgotten Shores’

As you can see from the video, the developers have been taken aback by the success of the game. Ken Wong, the game’s Lead Designer said:

“A lot of people said that this is the first game I’ve ever played, or the first game that I ever really liked or the first game that I cried in. And that meant a lot to us.

Since the release we took a couple of months to recover from that process and kind of soak in the feedback. Pretty soon after, we had more ideas for levels, more illusions and tricks and ideas for architecture. And so we started this idea of an expansion pack”

The expansion levels aren’t placed at the end of the game, but rather just before the end, to further explore the relationship between the protagonist Ida and her friend in the form of a totem.

Dan Grey, the executive producer of the game, has called it “Like watching the bonus features on a DVD” – as in it’s not meant to stand alone, but it definitely adds a rewarding experience of its own.

The additional levels will be available as an in-app purchase at $1.99

Source: Wired

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