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Much-improved Apple Watch 2 to arrive before the end of 2016

According to a well-respected analyst, Apple is planning to launch its second-generation Apple Watch later this year, with superior specifications within the same size and form factor as the current model.

This news comes from Ming-Chi Kuo, the KGI Securities analyst with links to suppliers and a good track record of correctly predicting Apple’s moves. As such, though it’s still technically a rumor we would consider it pretty likely to be true.

Kuo predicts that the Apple Watch 2 will include a faster processor and beefier battery than the current Apple Watch, while adding entirely new components including integrated GPS and barometer. It’s also expected to be more waterproof than before, although the first-gen Apple Watch is already pretty impressive in that regard.

Despite the upgrades, and the fact the new Apple Watch is likely to use thinner displays, Kuo anticipates no change in screen size or the overall of the device, with essentially the same design overall. This would likely make the Apple Watch 2 compatible with existing watch bands and straps, making it a little cheaper for users to upgrade.

It’s expected that the launch of the Apple Watch 2 would see another price drop for the existing Apple Watch, and potentially even the release of an upgraded first-gen model with a faster processor but no brand new features like GPS.

The exact release dates are a little less clear, but we might even see the Apple Watch 2 announced as soon as September, alongside the upcoming iPhone 7.