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Netflix for games? Apple may launch a gaming subscription

Apple is widely expected to release a TV streaming service this year to house its original programming, and there are many who expect a paid Apple News subscription to launch this year too. But according to “five people familiar with the matter,” the tech giant is also weighing up the idea of an Apple Games subscription plan.

Described as “Netflix for games,” the service would provide on-demand entertainment for a fixed cost. The details are unclear at this stage, but its likely Apple would partner with select developers to deliver their games as part of a subscription, paying royalties to the creators based on time played or some other metric.

This could work out cheaper for users who play a lot of games, especially if Apple could offer expensive or new games as part of the package, or develop subscription-only exclusives to draw people in – much like Netflix and Amazon’s original shows and movies.

It’s no secret that Apple is working to expand its services revenue with iPhone sales plateauing. Perhaps in a few years time, we’ll see an all-in-one Apple Premium that lumps Music, News, TV, Books, and Games into a single monthly subscription at a discounted rate, much like how Amazon offers all kinds of benefits under a single Prime subscription.

Of course, take this report with a grain of salt – especially as it only suggests Apple has started initial talks with developers. The company could explore its options and hit a dead end, meaning there’s no guarantee this will ever see the light of day.

Only time will tell! Would you be interested in an Apple Games subscriptions, or do you like the way things are now with ad-supported and freemium titles ruling the roost?