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New Apple ads – 6 new videos highlight privacy and fitness

Apple has this week launched a bunch of new video content showcasing iPhone and Apple Watch.

A series of three new 15-second ads for iPhone paint a picture of Apple’s conscientious side.

One focuses on how every app is reviewed before being added to the App Store, to check for malware and other unwelcome features. This is in stark contrast to Google’s Play Store, which allows anyone to post an app without passing a review process.

Another ad shows how iMessage automatically encrypts every message sent between devices, “because privacy matters”. Privacy has become a real hot topic in the last couple of years, and undoubtedly Apple leads the way in this regard.

The final iPhone video focuses on Apple’s environmental efforts, describing the effort that goes into recycling old devices. Even “the tinest parts” of the iPhone get recycled.

Coincidentally, Apple has also added three new 15-second videos to a completely different campaign this week. The “close your rings” series looks at how a series of inspirational Apple Watch users close their activity rings each day.

The latest in the series look at the lives of rock-climbing fashion blogger Yoyo, surfing DJ and yogi Jessica, and Track Mafia running club captain Cory. All three document their subjects’ days in a quickfire montage of incredible activities.

You can watch the entire series here.