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New and improved Apple TV Remote app for iPhone

Apple TV fans rejoice: Apple has finally released a redesigned Remote app for iPhone with all the same functionality as the bundled Siri Remote, plus some extra features which are sure to delight users of the Apple TV.

The fourth-generation Apple TV was released late last year with a number of new features, but until now users who wanted to control the device with their iPhone were left using a rather outdated, clunky app to do so. Now Apple has completely redesigned the interface and released it as a brand new app for download from the App Store.

The app’s design is based on the existing Siri Remote, with a large black space to swipe through menus and a set of buttons covering the lower half of the screen. The same gestures apply whether you’re using the Siri Remote or the iPhone app, so the two can be more or less used interchangeably. Interestingly there are no volume buttons, though, and Apple’s reasons for excluding these controls isn’t entirely clear.

As well as the regular functions, the app also has a dedicated ‘Now Playing’ screen with additional controls, and an alternate button layout designed for use with Apple TV games. Perhaps most importantly, using the app instead of the physical remote allows for text input using a keyboard, which is considerably less frustrating than the on-TV inputs.

Though designed around the newest Apple TV, the app is also compatible with older Apple TVs (gen. 2 and 3) and for everyone else the old Remote app still exists.

You can download the new Apple TV Remote free from the App Store.