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New Instagram Features – desktop support, collabs, and more added

Instagram, the popular photo-sharing platform, recently announced several changes that have been rolling out to users this week. So what exactly is new for Insta fans?

First up is the ability to post directly from a web browser on a computer instead of using the app. has allowed browsing on a desktop for some time now, but you’d have to get your iPhone if you wanted to actually share anything. This is now changing as the website catches up to the functionality of the app itself. Until Instagram releases an iPad app – and who can say why they haven’t yet – this may be the next best thing.

Next, a new feature called Collabs allows for two users to have joint ownership of a post. This means any content you co-author with a friend can be uploaded once but shown across both your accounts – with comments, likes, and views shared across the two.

Instagram is also opening up the ability to add links into Stories to everyone. Previously, only verified users, business accounts, or those with large followings could share links to websites. Now anyone can do it, finally allowing personal users to easily share things with their friends and family. No more “find the link in my profile” or “search X in google to find it” messages – just direct, one-tap links.

Finally, Reels – Instagram’s answer to TikTok videos – has added a bunch of new music-related effects.

Overall, it’s nice to see Instagram making these big changes, most of which will be welcomed by users. But equally, the social platform seems to be playing catch-up to some degree. Some of these features – posting from desktop, sharing links – were notable by omission before and adding them feels like the least Instagram could do.

Now, where oh where is that native iPad app??